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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mailing lists for Phonograph Cylinders

At 9/28/2008 04:39 AM, D P Ingram wrote:
Also, on a tangent, are there any discographers here with interest in
sound effect collections, particularly those from the British
Broadcasting Corporation?

I have a passing interest in Sound Effects collections, but I have done no formal discographical work on the subject. I do have a 1977/78 BBC Sound Effects Catalogue, which could be a good starting point. It lists the effects that were then available on discs from the Sound Effects Department, and sold to other broadcasters by BBC Transcription Service. It does not, alas, include a cross-reference to the LPs distributed through commercial channels.

The BBC Sound Effects Library is now available on 60 CDs. I assume that many of the same effects were originally part of the disc library.

I believe I also have a set of CBS sound effects LPs, with a printed track list.

John Ross

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