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Re: [ARSCLIST] revisiting tape bakers

on 9/27/08 9:52 AM US/Central, joe@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> What currently are the most popular oven models for tape baking?

We use a Yamato DKM400. We were fortunate to get one directly from their
Santa Clara office at a special price. The stand was full price, though.

> How large a reel will they accommodate?

14" dia.

> For those who use food dehydrators, since we last discussed this subject are
> you still using them and finding them as effective as a lab oven?

We had the recommended food dehydrator, but it was too noisy and it didn't
have nearly the capacity we needed for our workflow. Also it didn't have
temperature safety control and programming features.

> Do you leave the vents open or closed?

We open one vent. There are two, one of which is also an opening for probe

Before 9.30.05 we used a DACOR convection oven. I had a long discussion with
a Quantegy engineer about this in 1999, and he recommended a convection
oven, specifically a Farberware T-4850 (no longer available). You can read
more about his recommendations at

Baking time now requires some experimentation - the earlier recommendations
don't always seem to work as well today.

Parker Dinkins
CD Mastering + Audio Restoration

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