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Re: [ARSCLIST] mono vs stereo format for submasters and service copies from mono master?

At 07:35 PM 2008-09-25, Eric Jacobs wrote:

One exception is if you want to burn CD Audio optical discs from the 44.1/16
mono WAVE submaster.  You'll need to copy the mono channel for stereo, and
then make your Audio CD.  This could stump some people.  Or perhaps not?

That's a step that it appears WaveLab makes you take, but in Samplitude and I think a few other programs when you drop a mono file into the timeline, it automatically comes out both channels of the CD by default (you can, of course, change that.

I wonder if the virtual project functions (what are they called?) in WaveLab work this way. I've only used the basic "destructive" mode in WaveLab.



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