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Re: [ARSCLIST] Universal fire

One other important question comes to mind...?!

Do these mega-corporations know EXACTLY whose recording ledgers
are in their possession...WHERE those are stored...and exactly WHOM
is in charge of these, and can auhorize access for serious researchers?!

Some twenty-odd years ago, I was able to visit RCA(-Victor) HQ...and
(much to my surprise?!) was handed the actual ORIGINALS of the
Victor recording ledgers (given my devotion to discographic research,
this was something like a young theologian being handed the Dead Sea
Scrolls...?!). So...

(1) Has Sony/BMG, BMG/Victor, or ANY operation in the "chain of
ownership" EVER microfilmed/fiched/digitized and/or placed this
vital data in any less-fragile form...?!

(2) What is the situation regarding the Columbia/ARC/Plaza ledgers,
which were held by CBS-Columbia (and supervised, IIRC, by one
Helene Chmura...?!)?!

(3) AFAIK, the extant Brunswick ledgers can be accessed (in copied
form) via the "Country Music Hall Of Fame" Library. WHO holds the
originals...and, likewise, whom does one ask for research access?!

(4) The Compo ledgers were found by Jim Kidd, and placed in the
National Library Of Canada. AFAIK, the NLC fears copyright-
violation issues if they place this data on the web...!

So...HOW F...REAKIN' LONG will it be before this data is ALL
web-accessible...?! There have been a number of discographic works
published...but, because of the very limited market therefor, they
inevitably sell for more stinkin' money than I even EXPECT TO SEE
in this lifetime...?!

What I/we need is the location of a dozen or two obsessive-compulsives,
and somehow convince these hapless folks that we/they NEED to complete/
correct/edit the "Abrams Files" data archive, using original ledgers wherever

Were I not "nine days older'n dirt" (65.9 in human years), I'd stock up on
beer (and human food and cat food...?!)...siddown at my keyboard and
start this vital (IMHO) project...!

The sad reality is that if the subject involved were movies, TV shows or
rock ('n'roll) recordings...the "line would form at the right," and the cash
would be forthcoming in large (and highly publicized) donations...?!

"FEH!!" quoth our hero...who then RE-expostulates, with increased
vehemence, "*F*E*H*!!!"

Steven C. Barr

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