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Re: [ARSCLIST] cassette crackle

And then there were all the tapes I recorded on my lovely Teac, using bulk erased tape, and took to play at the CBC where their Studers had butterfly playback heads.


And not Gossamer.

Michael Biel wrote:

I know that this is controversal because of the effect on the bass when playing a tape back with a head that has a narrower track than the tape had been recorded with. But using a head with a narrower track can overcome a lot of problems on old tapes.

Some of you other old-times might remember the "Head Track Selector" that Revere/Wollensak had on their early quarter-track stereo playback/mono record machines.

I remember it well. I probably have one of those machines here..no idea if it will even power up, since it probably hasn't been used since the early 60s.


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