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[ARSCLIST] Brunswick and Marsh Transcriptions

Apologies for the cross-posting...

I'm looking for session info for some Brunswick and Marsh Laboratories
transcriptions that I have gotten recently.

Some of the Brunswick ETs have So-A-Tone labels, but not all.  Also some are
National Radio Advertising, but not all.

Southern Flooring Program, Program M, Part 2, XE-34825
DeVoe & Reynolds Painters, Program E, Parts 2 & 3, OX-37359 & OX-37360
DeVoe & Reynolds Painters, Program C, Part 3, Wax: X-37548, Label: 37546
Hearthstone Harmonists, Program A, Part 3 only, XE-34469
Brunswick Broadcast, Program 105, "Come to the Fair," XE-31458-B

The Marsh ETs are Allied Broadcast Circuit Standard Library discs recorded
at 33 1/3 rpm, and have 3 banded selections per side.

Disc 1017, mx. 9012
Disc 1018, mx. 9013
Disc 1063, mx. 9057
Disc 1064, Mx. 9058

Sammy Jones

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