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Re: [ARSCLIST] Biltmore fans...

David Weiner wrote:
> Among the more unusual Biltmores are the King Oliver "Zulu's Ball," the
> Goldkette "Merry Oldmobile" and "The Piccolino," sung on one side by Fred
> Astaire and the other side by Ginger Rogers. I don't think the
> West "My Old Flame" soundtrack mentioned earlier was on Biltmore - I have
> on a 10" Cosmopolitan 78 boot.
> Dave W.

Right, Cosmopolitan 7501, with "Rockin' Chair" on the flip. Rust lists that
as well as Biltmore 1014.

I don't suppose the Goldkette included the suppressed opening? That does
I've held a test pressing and put my DNA on it.


No, the Goldkette ain't got the extra opening - just a straight boot of both
sides of the Victor "Special" - waltz and fox-trot versions.  (Or as Agatha
Christie's detective Hercule Poirot referred to it, "the trot of the fox.")
My copy is pressed on strange greasy-looking vinyl. 

Dave W.

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