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Re: [ARSCLIST] Biltmore fans...

Right, Cosmopolitan 7501, with "Rockin' Chair" on the flip. Rust lists that one as well as Biltmore 1014.

I don't suppose the Goldkette included the suppressed opening? That does exist. I've held a test pressing and put my DNA on it.


David Weiner wrote:
Among the more unusual Biltmores are the King Oliver "Zulu's Ball," the
Goldkette "Merry Oldmobile" and "The Piccolino," sung on one side by Fred
Astaire and the other side by Ginger Rogers. I don't think the Ellington-Mae
West "My Old Flame" soundtrack mentioned earlier was on Biltmore - I have it
on a 10" Cosmopolitan 78 boot.

Dave W.

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