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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fortissimo


I do believe it was spelled Grauer not Gauer and that many Riverside LP's (including the Barretto) actually had a credit at the bottom of the label that said:

Bill Grauer Productions Inc.
     New York City


Tom Fine wrote:
Hi David/Aaron:

I just read something somewhat relevant to this, in one of the Orin Keepnews Collection CD reissues booklets. Apparently, Bill Gauer, Keepnews' partner at Riverside, was a racing car nut and was very into making these "environmental audio" recordings. The "super-fi" records were not mentioned in Keepnews' notes, this was to a Blue Mitchell album. The reference was that Keepnews was down in Florida with Gauer helping out on one of these racing-cars recordings. Cannonball Adderley insisted Keepnews go with him and hear Blue Mitchell in a club during the trip, and Keepnews was duly impressed and signed Mitchell to Riverside. To everyone's chagrin, the Mitchell records on Riverside never sold well, and it's a credit to Keepnews that he still felt strongly enough about Mitchell's talent to include "Blue Soul" in the Keepnews Collection reissues.

Tying in to Aaron's post, Ray Barretto provided some tasty percussion on that album.

-- Tom Fine

PS -- one of the earliest "stereo spectacular" albums featuring race cars was "500 Miles to Victory" on Mercury, recorded by Bill Putnam and originally issued in stereo on a 2-track tape in 1956.

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Anyone remember, or even hear of, a label called FORTISSIMO produced by Riverside in 1961? Super-quiet surfaces (wonder how they managed that? Riverside never turned out a quiet disc in their lives), discs cut from the inside out (changer owners must have loved that), master tapes recorded at 60 IPS "with the heads oriented horizontally" (whaaaaa..?), a 400hz alignment tone, and repertoire such as Racing Cars, Jets, Pipe Organ (miked from inside, I think) and Banjo Polkas.

Amazing what turns up in some of these old audio magazines that I've never run across in over 45 years of record collecting.


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