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Re: [ARSCLIST] Stanley Holloway vinyl

That's one I've never heard of..unless maybe it was REISSUED on Wonderland (seems to me I might have something in the kiddie section I haven't looked at in years).

I didn't look but did you list the Hamlet soundtrack excerpt (How Long Has Thou Been Gravedigger) from 1948?

Seems to me Holloway didn't do much recording at all in the 40s and into the 50s. Too busy making movies.


Mike Richter wrote:
Thomas Stern wrote:
Hi Mike & David,
Thanks for this information. I would appreciate a track list, performer
and production credits,
and the characters in the wax, particularly if there are any crossed-out
numbers (indicating that
the Judson is a re-release of some other Riverside or Wonderland album).
Much appreciated!
Best wishes, Thomas.

Glad to oblige. The wax is inscribed J 3026 (A and B for the two sides). B side also has an A inscribed at 90 degrees.

Gobbledegook Songs
accompanied by The Gobbledegook Symphony Orchestra (Milton Kaye, piano, organ, celeste; and Moe Goldenberg, drums, tympany, and odds­and-ends). New York; December, 1957.

1. Bouncing Ball
2. The Gobbledegook
3. The Lion Tamer
4. Sven Svensen
5. The Frog, The Duck, The Fish
6. Wooden Shoes
1. Ump-Diddle-Diddle
2. The Elephant Alphabet
3. Pete Petersen's House
4. The Longest Train
5. Why the Giraffe Laughed
6. The Dancing Bear

I can upload it - given an hour or two - if you wish (and don't call the copyright cops).


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