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Re: [ARSCLIST] Electric cylinders

--- On Thu, 9/4/08, Robert J Hodge <rjhodge@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Unless you want to include the "Elecrophone"
cylinders made by Peter
Dilg and Dennis Valente of 20 or so years ago.
David Breneman wrote:
I think Shawn Borri has a cylinder machine that records
electrically. I've heard cylinders he's made from source material on CD-Rs and they don't sound acoustic.

I have a wonderful machine from the post-WW II era that was used as a player for the dictation lesson cylinders and was designed as a high fidelity cylinder player with a great electrical pickup and a 6-inch speaker. The cylinders themselves were still being manufactured in blue amberol material into the 1950s. I have a metal mould for one of these that has a penciled notation on the sleeve that it was removed from service 7/31/51 because "copper loose on shell" implying that they put a new mould in service and that pressing was continuing. Although I have a morse code practice cylinder (and it's playback machine) from the WW II era, I don't have any of the dictation cylinders. Perhaps the late dictation lesson cylinders were electrically recorded, and if so, they would be DIRECTLY electrically recorded, of course.

By the way, until I discovered that mould and the date, I had no idea that they were still able to manufacture a blue amberol cylinder that late. Jerry and Ron, is there any paperwork about this at the site? Any date when the manufacturing was discontinued? Is the equipment still around somewhere?

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

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