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[ARSCLIST] Russian Guy Carawan 78

Does anybody know anything about a 78 rpm disc made by Guy Carawan at the 1957 World Youth Festival in Moscow? It's on a red "CCCP" label, with "My Dog Blue" on one side and "Charlie" on the other.

Catalog numbers ÃÎÑÒ 5289-56 / 29246 and ÃÎÑÒ 5289-56 / 2924

The main title (in Russian) on both sides is:

(I have no idea if that will make it through e-mail).

Was this a one-off item, or were there other records made by visitors to the Festival? In particular, did Peggy Seeger make any records while she was there? A photo-essay about the festival in Life Magazine showed Guy and Peggy singing together, but there's nothing in Peggy's discography.

John Ross

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