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Re: [ARSCLIST] Electric cylinders

All of the "electrically recorded" 5000 series Edison cylinders which I
have encountered were all acoustically dubbed from the genuinely
electrically recorded diamond discs. The number of the diamond disc
which started the electrical series escapes me, but it was around 52000.

Unless you want to include the "Elecrophone" cylinders made by Peter
Dilg and Dennis Valente of 20 or so years ago.
There were some dictaphone type machines which recorded on wax cylinders
with electronic recorders.

Bob Hodge

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Quick question, which I should probably already know the answer to. 

Electric (disc) recording kicked off properly in 1925, Edison pulled out
of cylinders in 1929. Were any cylinders (Edison or otherwise) recorded
electrically? Were any commercially issued?



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