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[ARSCLIST] AAA Message Board

Greetings ARSClist members,

As discussed last month in Palo Alto, the Associated Audio Archivists Committee of ARSC has been planning and designing a message board for the discussion of recorded sound collection management. Today i am pleased to make its announcement formal. Below is the press release.

thanks and have a great weekend,
 Brandon Burke, Associated Audio Archivists (Chair)


The Associated Audio Archivists Committee (AAA) of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) announces the launch the AAA Message Board, available at: http://arsc-aaa.invisionzone.com/forums/ index.php

The AAA Message Board is a moderated forum for professional discussion specific to the management and preservation of institutional recorded sound collections. The Message Board is sponsored by AAA and ARSC as a service to ARSC members and the archival community at large.

Communication on the Board is web-based, rather than facilitated via email, allowing users to: (1) bookmark or link to specific discussions, (2) include images (photos, screenshots, etc) within their messages, and (3) print entire conversations in chronological order. Moreover, users unable to regularly visit the Board web site may simply subscribe to individual topics using RSS.

Among the discussion topics are sections dedicated to:

* Accession and Processing
* Cataloging and Documentation
* Access and Reference
* Copyright and Sound Recordings
* Cleaning and other Conservation Treatments
* Shelving, Housing, and Storage
* Preservation and Playback Technical Discussion
* Preservation Metadata Discussion
* Academic Programs
* Jobs and Internships
* Events and Other Announcements

Please take the time to visit the site and explore how its design and mission might be helpful to you and your colleagues.

Please note: Only real names (first and last) are accepted as Display Names on the AAA Message Board. Nicknames (“earlyjazzfan,” “MrMusic,” etc) are inappropriate for professional discussion and, consequently, not allowed. Those who elect to ignore this rule should expect their messages to be deleted.

For more details visit the Rules and Guidelines page on the Board web site.

Brandon Burke, Associated Audio Archivists (Chair)
p: 650.724.9711
e: burke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

____________________________________ Brandon Burke Archivist for Audio Collections Hoover Institution Archives Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-6010 vox: 650.724.9711 fax: 650.725.3445 email: burke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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