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[ARSCLIST] Philips matrix number -- discography help needed

Hi All:

This list has been extremely helpful with discography info, and I say thanks again!

Here's a challenge. Philips test press, likely from Holland as opposed to a USA press from a Dutch master tape. Says on the sleeve only "Concertgebouw 1966". The music is familiar but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. I'm thinking French ballet or opera highlights.

The matrix for what I think is side 1:
AA 601 518 1 Y 1 670 1

For what I think is side 2:
AA 601 518 2 Y 1 670 1

I googled Concertgebouw and those numbers but came up empty. 601 518 is the right format for a Philips catalog number but I've never seen PHS 601 series for classical.

Any help much appreciated!

-- Tom Fine

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