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[ARSCLIST] William Tell on Varsity

Just picked up Varsity LP 37 with the William Tell Overture, "Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4"..never reticent about admitting that they were swiping from 78s, were they? Anyone know if this would be Meyrowitz and the Berlin Philharmonic? The only other Telefunken version I see in WERM is Schmidt-Isserstedt which seems to be complete on one twelve-incher.

Flip side: Mozart "Potpourri" (label info) or "Musical Interludes From His Operas" (jacket) plus the Marriage of Figaro Overture. Again, Meyrowitz has a medley on Telefunken E817. No guesses on Figaro (Schmidt-Isserstedt?).


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