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Re: [ARSCLIST] Digital Audio Preservation Question

On 06/04/08, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> There should be no additional loss converting the MP3 file to the WAV 
> file. The information has already "taken the hit" when the MP3 file 
> was made in the first place.
Not true, unfortunately. The decompression software also audibly affects
the sound quality.

> If one of the compressed formats is "safe" and the other isn't, cross
> conversion from one compressed format (Ogg/MP3) is NOT recommended as
> then you have the degradations of both compression schemes
> concatenated -- concatenation of compression is generally to be
> avoided.
> If you do not have support for both compressed formats, bump the 
> one(s) you don't have support for to WAV. Otherwise, if they are 
> supported compressed formats, leave them.
I would suggest that no computer data files are 100% safe, but compressed
files are certainly less safe than uncompressed.

Don Cox

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