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At 02:52 AM 2008-04-07, George Brock-Nannestad wrote:
From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hi Marie (and lurkers),

I have been suffering in silence for about a fortnight with the same problem.
These mails never arrive at the same time, although they have the same
sending time. But rather than disturb the webmaster I have merely arranged
them by date and deleted two at a time. However, this time it does not seem
to go away.

Let us hear if more have the problem.

I am not having the problem, but sometimes it happens with this scenario:

Your mail client downloads the message, but the delete command fails due to an interrupted connection. The next time your mail client goes online to read the mail and pull it down to your PC, those messages are still there. Poof! Instant duplicate with the same date/time stamp, because it is the same message that your software client pulled down twice.

So a slow or marginal internet connection (oy, I know about that from time to time) can cause the same effect if the date/time stamps are identical. Also, to be sure, check the message ID in the expanded headers you don't normally see -- that long gobblydegook string should also be the same in both copies if this is the mechanism at work.

I think this mechanism can also occur with certain other intermittent data transmission problems coming into your mail server.



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