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Re: [ARSCLIST] One more discography question

Many of those Majestics were horrible on 78 even beyond the stuff they were pressed on. I found a decent copy of Prima's "Robin Hood" that was obviously a later transfer from the 16" lacquer, on a Canadian Varsity pressing from the late 40s.


Tom Fine wrote:
Those Prima CD's sound worse than good-condition 78's. They couldn't have had access to metal parts unless they had the World's Worst Engineer putting it together.

There's all kinds of strange junk floating around with the 78-era pop and jazz, probably the same with classical but I don't pay much attention. Because of all the different copyright laws around the world, and because of Amazon and eBay, stuff washes up on these shores that is really junky but perfectly legal in the country of origin, a lot of stuff compiled of what sound like cassette tapes of 78's that were worn out before the compact disc was a twinkle in the eye of an engineer, played with a rusty nail through a digereedoo (sp?) instead of a tin horn. Some of this junk comes out of Asia, especially Korea and Taiwan and some of it comes out of the darker corners of Europe. In most cases, you'd actually do better as far as sound quality tracking down a worn out copy of the US-issued 78's in a Salvation Army store.

-- Tom Fine

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Savoy claimed to own everything of Obie's at one point. A highly dubious claim, I believe, based on his having licensed a few old Crown sides to them in the 40s. I think whoever last owned the assets of Pickwick (which at one point belonged to Intersound, who SOLD THEM OFF JUST BEFORE I STARTED PRODUCING REISSUES FOR THEM, the idiots) has a more valid claim. Who was putting out those ghastly Simitar CDs of Louis Prima a few years ago?


Dave Weiner wrote:
A related question is, who owns what was Majestic nowadays?

-- Tom Fine

Isn't it Savoy? They at least issued the Majestic Mildred Baileys on CD.

Dave W.

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