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[ARSCLIST] One more discography question

Some of the earliest records done by Norman Granz for Mercury, not the live transcriptions of Jazz at the Philharmonic, but actual studio recordings, were done around 1947 in NY. Such records as begin the 8900 "Be Bop Series" on Mercury 78's. All the recording info I can find on the NY records just say they were recording in NY. I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure if they were done at Majestic Studios. I think at least some of them, such as sides by Flip Phillips and Willie Smith (the sax player, not the Lion), were done at Majestic because they were in my father's record-album books that he amassed while chief engineer at Majestic in its late years. I would assume if Mercury sides were in album books with Majestic and Keynote sides, they were all recorded at the studio, probably by him, but I can't find any reliable discography info beyond "recorded in NY." John Hammond specifically talks about working at Majestic for Keynote sides in his autobiography. This was before Keynote and Mercury got together.

There were later records done for both Granz and Hammond by my father at Reeves, but in 1947 I am pretty sure he was still at Majestic, before that company went out of business.

A related question is, who owns what was Majestic nowadays?

-- Tom Fine

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