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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

Hi Parker:

Regarding this page:

I think Ampex tape was sticky past the mid-80's, despite some Ampex claims. As I understand it, 406/407/456 was likely to go sticky into the early 90's. Some say ALL of these tapes will eventually go sticky. I have 456 and 406 and 457 from the late 90s and early this decade and so far no problems with sticky. But, it's early ...

-- Tom Fine

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on 4/2/08 8:49 PM US/Central, Steven Smolian at smolians@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is (was?) a 3M site that lists all the tape product numbers and
indicates their liklihood of getting the dreaded shed.  Del Eilers put the
list together before he moved elsewhere withing the company.

Maybe this is list you are referring to -


While Del Eilers' list of 3M tape products can be found here -


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