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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSC Conference - Final Presentation Arrangements

Hi David,

I just wanted to thank you - at least on my own behalf, since I can't be so audacious as to say I represent anyone from ARSC other than myself - for making it possible for me to be part of history and witness the playing of the?Scott de Martinville?recording for me and our colleagues at Stanford. It was truly an historical moment even though the snippet had already been played on radio before the conference (I heard it on a CBS news blurb while driving up from L.A.). It's a pretty rare thing when something like that happens. I liken it to the scientists at JPL seeing images coming in from Mars or a new?form of DNA being discovered that can help cure a deadly disease. Although hardly lifesaving, in our little corner of the world, this kind of achievement represents the pinnacle of our profession, and, as modest as you were during the conference, you, Patrick Feaster, and the others on your team?were responsible for seeing this through. It was truly an exciting, electric momen!
 t (To be accurate, I would say it was an acoustic moment, but that doesn't hit quite as hard). Anyway, kudos and congratulations to you and your colleagues. It was truly a moment to be proud of.

I suppose Edison is spinning in his grave right now (at 80 rpm?), but we might hope that he, too, would raise a glass in tribute to say, "Bien fait!"

Cary Ginell

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