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[ARSCLIST] Technics SV-100

Anyone remember Technic's brief-lived "Digital Audio Cassette" machine, the one that used VHS tapes? Am I correct in assuming this was a standard EIAJ 14-bit digital recorder, so tapes made with one will play back OK through my Sony 501?

Alternately, does anyone have a parts-donor Technics machine hanging around they'd let me get between it and a dumpster? The potential client has a non-working Technics deck and a stack of VHS tapes. From their description, it seems like the door mechanism is what's broken, not any of the audio circuitry or even the VHS tape-playing mechanism.

But, if my Sony rig will play these back OK, then I'll just transfer the tapes. By the way, these once-pricey Sony digital-to-VCR interfaces can be had dirt-cheap today and they have plenty of uses. I use mine all the time to time-shift FM radio (set the tuner and leave it on, set the Sony box levels and leave it on, set the VCR input to line, program VCR timer to record radio program, listen back on my own timetable).

-- Tom Fine

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