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Re: [ARSCLIST] Magnetic tape viewers...


Kyread does work quite well, but it also suffers from sensitivity issues.

The Japanese credit-card-size viewer lasts longest if kept cold, but it does not require a humidor. They have no desire to make a smaller, lest costly one. I don't think I'm going to buy.

I do not think Kyread does any damage. The dispersent solvent evaporates very quickly and does not appear to soften tapes. The iron particles are wiped off when you're done. If you have a tones area, you can apply removable Scotch 911 tape and actually lift off the pattern for your lab notebook.

I, too, use Kyread but I prefer the convenience of the 3M viewer -- I've replaced the humidor and it's still working fine but is degrading.

Here is my Kyread example:

At 10:18 AM 2007-03-30, Casey, Michael T wrote:

Many thanks for this information.

The Arnold viewer is very similar to, if not the same as, the 3M
plastiform viewer. Our experience is the same as yours: the sponge in
the container needs to be kept wet, you can't quite see the edges of the
tape, and they work better with tapes containing high recorded levels,
although the tracks are visible enough with some lower level tapes. This
is just one diagnostic tool that we use--our ears, eyes, and the meters
on various types of tape machines are the others.

I have stayed away from the Kyread developer because I am hesitant to
place any substance on an archival original tape. I'd love to hear
arguments one way or the other about this. From your photos, it looks
like it works quite well.


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