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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT/ calculating the future / Use LTO's

Why digitize if you can't keep what you already have straight?

Digitizing just adds a mountain of metadata/formating issues to the mix.

I'm no proponent of cassettes, but I'd rather adopt a box of those over
a box of misc. flash drives.


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One other wrinkle to this whole issue.

Andy in Vermont raised the question (to paraphrase) -- well what about a
small archive that can barely afford to keep boxes of tapes together and
is slowly getting everything digitized, should they stop recording oral

I would say no but consider this -- is it wise to migrate to something
like a flash-memory recorder? 
Perhaps you should stick with cassettes until you figure out an
inclusive and sustainable digital strategy.

Just a thought.

-- Tom Fine 

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