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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

At 12:29 PM 2007-03-28, John Spencer wrote:

I'm not ready to go along with the assumption that all commercial
digital repositories charge a "per-chunk, per-time-period fee". There
are many cost models for these types of service, based on the Service
Level Agreement agreed to by the repository and the customer.

To assume "if you don't keep paying your data goes to the bit bucket
in the sky", well, isn't the same true for gas, electricity, water,
etc? Not quite sure I agree with the statement - and it would seem
than anyone using an outsourced digital repository would have
physical backups of the data somewhere else, if a proper disaster
plan is in place.

Are university systems inherently less prone to disaster?

I'd like more help to understand why university repositories in
general are superior to those in the commercial space (and have the
implied "added value" of existing in perpetuity).


John, you're quoting my words to which George was replying.

I would love to understand the commercial model that will be around in 100 years that accepts data up front for perpetual storage with just a deposit fee.



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