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Re: [ARSCLIST] Gramophone R6105 - canto del usignolo

Yes. But the birds will sing Italian with a German accent.

Incidentally, I recall the American parts went out with the Victor single-sided 78, which may account for why this early label issue appears on later labels as well.

Steve Smolian

Steve Smolian

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From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

David Seubert asked (isn't patron a lovely word?)

I've got a patron trying to track down the original recording of the
birdsong that Resphigi used in the Pines of Rome. The Ricordi score
calls for Gramophone R6105. Does anybody have this in their collection?
We don't have it and I can't locate in Rigler-Deutsch. Information from
Kelly is below. What do orchestras use when performing the work today?

                               VOCI DELLA NATURA (birdsong)

7-252095  15507L       - 5-13    Il canto del usignolo, pt 1
R6105 HN460
7-252096  7439r        - 5-10    do, pt 2
R6105 HN460

----- I do think you may have it, albeit in a non-Italian pressing. It is just one of Karl Reich's nightingale recordings from Bremen. And it is a double-sided version, which confuses the issue.

Part 1 was recorded during the week ending 24 May 1913. The various single-
sided pressings may be called:

Germany: Schallplatte Grammophon 7-49252
             Zonophon  X.529414
England, Australia: Gramophone B390

- were there never VTMC pressings of this?

Part 2 was recorded in 1910 and published in England in June. The various single-sided pressings may be called:

Most countries: Gramophone GC 49558
Russia: Gramophone GC 29305
Italy: GC7-252096 that Kelly mentions

Alas, it would appear that only the previous one, 7438r was issued by Victor:

Now comes the interesting question: would it only be correct according the
performance practice movement, if you really used the (no doubt German
pressing with) Italian numbering?

Kind regards,


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