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Re: [ARSCLIST] Gramophone R6105 - canto del usignolo

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

David Seubert asked (isn't patron a lovely word?)

> I've got a patron trying to track down the original recording of the 
> birdsong that Resphigi used in the Pines of Rome. The Ricordi score 
> calls for Gramophone R6105. Does anybody have this in their collection? 
> We don't have it and I can't locate in Rigler-Deutsch. Information from 
> Kelly is below. What do orchestras use when performing the work today?
>                                VOCI DELLA NATURA (birdsong)             
> (Bremen)
> 7-252095  15507L       - 5-13    Il canto del usignolo, pt 1         
> R6105 HN460
> 7-252096  7439r        - 5-10    do, pt 2                            
> R6105 HN460

----- I do think you may have it, albeit in a non-Italian pressing. It is 
just one of Karl Reich's nightingale recordings from Bremen. And it is a 
double-sided version, which confuses the issue.

Part 1 was recorded during the week ending 24 May 1913. The various single-
sided pressings may be called:

Germany: Schallplatte Grammophon 7-49252
              Zonophon  X.529414
England, Australia: Gramophone B390

- were there never VTMC pressings of this?

Part 2 was recorded in 1910 and published in England in June.
The various single-sided pressings may be called:

Most countries: Gramophone GC 49558
Russia: Gramophone GC 29305
Italy: GC7-252096 that Kelly mentions

Alas, it would appear that only the previous one, 7438r was issued by Victor: 

Now comes the interesting question: would it only be correct according the 
performance practice movement, if you really used the (no doubt German 
pressing with) Italian numbering?

Kind regards,


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