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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - NAB vs. DIN recordings

Hi Tommy:

Did you do the Sonet catalog of jazz recordings? If so, any insight into why Universal never made those CD's available outside of Sweden? Most of them were recorded in the USA, so wouldn't they think there might be a market here for American musicians recorded in American studios, even if the original label was Swedish? I can't figure that one out. Universal's marketing is bizarre at best.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - NAB vs. DIN recordings

Hello Richard, although my experience is not from North America but from Sweden, I thought you might be interested in what I found as regards Butterfly heads.

Between 2000 and 2003 I took part in a digitizing
effort with Universal Music's archive here, and I
quote from an article I prepared for IASA: "The
Butterfly heads were predominantly CCIR (67%)
while the full-track tapes were predominantly NAB
(84%). The two-track recordings were more evenly
distributed, with 47% CCIR and 51% NAB." (Eq that

This was from a selection of more than 4.300
tapes, mostly 1/4", recorded at 15 ips. For the
two-track recordings, I don't know if they were
Ampex or NAB "standard", since we had no way to
measure such small differences. We did play back
the full-track tapes with Butterfly heads and
avoided that head for the two-track tapes. Our
machines were Studer A812's.



Tommy Sjöberg
The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research
Stockholm, Sweden

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