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Re: [ARSCLIST] [Fwd: Herman Klein's 'Phono-Vocal Method"]

They went down with the ship- at least the first bunch, done by Nordica.

Apparently the metal plates never made it to the factory- done in NY, to be pressed in England. There's detail on this somewhere in one of Klein's many books, possibly his one about music in NY. There was also be something among his Gramophone Mag articles.

The set was remade with a different soprano, or were scheduled to be redone. I also don't recall who the singers were to be for the other voice ranges but rember them as lesser lights- Morgan Kingston, perhaps. Did these ever actually come out? The Oscar Sanger Victors followed fairly closely on their heels, there was a US Columbia bankrupcy during the "we'll make them over" period, and, if I recall, there were also financial problems with the Columbia European operation.

Klein left NY about 1908-9 after the Savage Butterfly production in English, which he prep-coached, was touring.

It's time someone did a thorough study of this fellow. His Gramophonic writings and reviews, in which he compares live vs recorded of the same voices, are essential reading for anyone trying to separate the hype from the actual vocal quality and size. I remeber reviews of Parlophone electrics in which he complained that the miking made the voices very much larger than life.

He grew up in a house in which Manuel Garcia rented his studio and hung out there as a kid, conciously infusing. He saw Jenny Lind being retrained there, knew Patti and De Rezhske well, etc. If I were teaching a course in how to listen to old records, his books would be required reading. I sure hope someone turns up those methods.

Steve Smolian

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I received the request (below) trying to track down the records that accompanied Herman Klein's "Phono-vocal method." There are copies of the book listed in OCLC, but no copies of the recordings. Can anybody shed light on then or know who may have them? I'll pass along any info to the researcher.


"A well-known music critic and author, Herman Klein produced a number of recordings to accompany his vocal method text in about 1908. There were about 40 disks in the project. I am trying to find them. Have you ever run across this in your work? I'd appreciate any information that you might have."

David Seubert

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