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[ARSCLIST] Questions from a Graduate Student

I am a library and information studies graduate student at the University
of North Carolina, Greensboro. I am working on a paper about the current
state of preservation in the area of radio broadcasting. I have been
reading this discussion list and thought that some of you might have some
information about this subject. If you are so inclined, here are the
questions that I am most interested in (you don't have to answer all of

1. How do you acquire most of your materials?

2. Is the collection mainly composed of past broadcasts or do you have a
lot of other materials that are of historical and/or reference value as
well, such as transcripts, program guides, etc.? How important are
secondary materials?

3. Who is the primary user of your collection?

4. What has been your organization's biggest challenge in dealing with new
forms of technology for preserving radio broadcasts? How much of your
collection is digitized?

5. Do you feel that enough organizations are involved in the preservation
of radio broadcasts? What gaps do you think exist in these kinds of

6. What is your favorite thing about working with this type of collection?

Thanks for any help you can provide. I have enjoyed reading the discussions
that take place on the mailing list! Please reply directly to me at

Abigail Underwood
MLIS Student

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