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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

Many is the time I have wanted to upload photos of something I was talking about...

Mike Richter <mrichter@xxxxxxx> wrote: Angie Dickinson Mickle wrote:

> As I said in my last post, Yahoo groups does.  I have no idea if there 
> are other bulletin board programs that allow it.  It is something to 
> look into.  I do want to make it clear that I am in NO WAY suggesting 
> that this group even consider becoming a group on Yahoo!!!  I swear 
> that's where my husband's computer attracts virus.  I only use them as 
> an example of a board that is both a bulletin board and an email list.

The 'owner' of a Yahoo! group can configure it so that attachments are 
rejected. Since infections come as attachments (unwisely opened), such a 
group can be safe by design.

Among the advantages of a Yahoo! group (or a similar one offered by 
others) is that it provides space for files, for photos, and for links. 
The file space was recently increased to 100 MB, ample for any need I 
could see for our communication here and subject to control by the owner 
and moderator(s). A major advantage is the search function through the 
archives, though admittedly that is of little value until the group has 
been functioning for some time.


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