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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

If we're voting, I go with you, Don. (no change necessary).
Rod Stephens

Don Tait wrote:

May I contribute my comments?

I agree with those who feel that the way things are now is the easiest: check a couple of messages in a thread. If they're of no interest, it only takes a split-second to delete them. The same for further messages. The same, too, for messages between members that some might think better be done personally. And regarding that: if members are willing to share their thoughts with everyone, there might be something in them that I'd find interesting or worthwhile. I'd like to be able to make up my own mind. Again, deletion is just a split-second click away.

What follow are a few purely personal thoughts.

I do not want to have to deal with a system that requires any additional programming beyond e-mail. If a majority do, then of course they should prevail. I'd just have to drop off the ARSC List because dealing with such things is beyond my patience and, usually, capability. My experience with Yahoo groups has been maddening -- the pop-up ads for starters.

Finally, regarding Roger's message of yesterday (I think) about his discovery of the Google group Recorded Music Classical Recordings and my participation in it: it's correct that I've participated there much more than on the ARSC List. But not for lack of interest in the posts here. The topics here are more wide-ranging than on RMCR. I often read those here thoroughly and just as often learn from them. I just don't have anything to contribute that I think would be worth writing to all of you. Furthermore, there is a glitch in this software that makes it impossible for me to cut and paste excerpts from ARSC List messages. The RMCR format is different and it's easy to do. That deters me from posting comments or replies here because I don't want to tax all of you with unnecessarily lengthy quotations.

Don Tait

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