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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

First off, I'm OK with either, but I believe that an on-line message board has more
advantages than disadvantages.  The main advantage of email when one is *already* using
email, might be that it's already comfortable to use...

A web-board that offers both a mail list and an on-line board sounds great but if the
"on-line experience" is poor, then we're not further ahead.  As other folks have already
noted, on-line experiences vary...

Certainly "personal preferences" will enter into any of these discussions.  I build and
operate on-line web-boards so I recognize my own biases...


Rob Poretti
Sascom - Toronto
vox.905.825.5373    fax.905.469.1129     cel.905.580.2467
www.sascom.com    www.cube-tec.com

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