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Re: [ARSCLIST] The incompetence of Sonny Bono

--- David Lennick <dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Perfect! Sonny Bonehead, we call him. Only tragedy was that he
> didn't hit that tree sooner (okay, about 35 years sooner would have
> spared us a lot of awful music as well).

Bono actually did a lot of good as the Mayor of Palm Springs.
He dismantled a corrupt good old boy network in the city planning
office and instituted alot of other reforms.  He was also the
guy with the business smarts behind "Sonny and Cher", a 
very lucrative franchise by any measure, and the only reason
Cher is a celebrity today.  The copyright law he championed
is a bad law, but it's not all there is to his story by a
long shot.

David Breneman         david_breneman@xxxxxxxxx

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