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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

This is the most intelligent post you have made here
so far.I apologize for calling you a troll.You ignore
one key point here,corporate America ,and government
have been joined at the hip,ever since the days of The
Whigs.We were a Corporatist government long before
Mussolini made his famous quote about same,which is
probably where he learned most of his stuff from.

I am not completely informed about the history of the
GE/Edison row, and how they eventually got rid of
him.Every history I have read on this,talks about the
light bulb,his urban electrification programs,etc. .
The records,and phonographs are hardly discussed.I
would be very interested in reading more about this
aspect of the story.

                         Roger Kulp
--- Mike Loughlin <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I hope I can stop your head from itching. First off,
> the Sonny Bono act did 
> not come from any desire of the American people, who
> were plenty content 
> with the copyright laws as they were. It is not a
> tricky "conspiracy theory" 
> it is a very simple straight line from Sonny Bono, a
> man sent to congress by 
> the entertainment industry to do their bidding. The
> Sonny Bono act was a 
> piece of legislation primarily to protect the
> interest of The Disney 
> Corporation, a company that was founded on the
> character of "Alice" from 
> Alice in Wonderland, a book written by Lewis Carrol
> (aka Charles Dodgson) in 
> the late 19th century and whose copyright expired by
> the 1920s when Walt 
> Disney used the book and the character of Alice to
> begin his career.  If 
> Carrol or his estate could have gotten somebody in
> Congress as effective as 
> Sonny Bono, that estate would be worth hundreds of
> millions today and the 
> Walt Disney Corporation would not even exist.
>      Corporate America is not trying to make this
> information unavailable to 
> "scholars" ,(this is a term that has no leagal
> standing, it would be totally 
> unconstitutional to make information only available
> to "scholars", it 
> belongs to "the people")  they are trying to make
> their "intellectual 
> property" (a total oxymoron) unavailable to anyone
> who doesn't want to pay 
> for it.  To make their hold on their valuable
> "intellectual property" strong 
> the legislation had to include all recordings ever
> made. As I said before 
> neither Congress nor the Supreme Court knew anything
> about the real history 
> of the recording industry, or how far back it really
> went, they just knew 
> they had to say "all recordings" for the legislation
> to be effective.
>   The information on wax cylinders and all acoustic
> recordings is now 
> historic.  A person listening to the recordings of
> Billy Murray and his 
> contemporaries can learn more about American life at
> the times these 
> recordings were made than any other medium
> available.  They are part of 
> Americas "collective unconcious" if you will.  The
> producers of these 
> records are all dead. The artists are all dead.  The
> song writers are all 
> dead.  The recording engineers are all dead.  These
> are the people that made 
> money off these recordings in their lifetime. These
> are the people the 
> Constitution says have a right to make money off of
> these efforts for "a 
> limited time" and they all got the money that was
> due to them.
> It is not the American government that is paying for
> the botched up 
> restoration of the ENHS it is the GE corporation, a
> company Edison founded 
> which threw him out as soon as they could.  Instead
> of the American people 
> being willing to pay their taxes to help the ENHS
> continue its work they 
> have relied on Corporations to do it.  The same is
> true for the LOC. They 
> rely on corporate donations, and so, as I said on
> the Amereican Memory site 
> we have a site that is nothing more than a
> commercial for Coca-Cola (which 
> they probably get a tax deduction for) and no Memory
> of the history that 
> early recordings reveal.
> "Those who do not study the past are condemned to
> repeat it."  Corporations 
> are giving the country a huge case of Alzheimers to
> suit their own agenda. 

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