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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

--- Mike Loughlin <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As you say, this has been decided by theLOC General Council, acting
> in the 
> interest of Corporate America and not the American people.  If not,
> then 
> what is the LOC saving this stuff for anyway? The record companies
> certainly didn't.

Statements like this leave me scratching my head.  What interest
does "Corporate America" have in keeping these items unavailable
to scholars?  Never ascribe to sinister conspiracy that which can
be readily explained by simple bureacratic lethargy.  And the
LOC, Smithsonian and other institutions actually hold onto things
for the sake of history, not as a way of doing the dirty work
for Eeevil commercial overlords.

David Breneman         david_breneman@xxxxxxxxx

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