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Re: [ARSCLIST] RF problems - used to be - - Effect of vibrations on audio tape

In a message dated 10/27/2006 10:39:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
seubert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
It's a very strange interference that fades in, "wanders" (I can't think 
of how else to describe it) in frequency for a few seconds and then 
fades away again. I'm not good at guessing frequencies, but it's 
somewhere around the "bumble bee" frequency range. 

That sounds like the kind of interference one would get from a high current 
switching power supply delivering poorly regulated power for an application 
like DC welding. It could be introduced through ground conduction rather than the 
power lines or radiation. Making sure of a single point ground with no ground 
loops might help.

It reminds me of the Cook recording of earthquakes, where an intermittent 
buzz was due to a rock crusher operating several miles away.

Mike Csontos

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