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Re: [ARSCLIST] Donation/purchase of the pre-1942 sound recordings (Wikipedia)

I too have been following the discussion of how to spend the $100M. While I'd love to see it spent on freeing early sound recordings from perpetual copyright, the smartest arguments I've read are to try to change copyright law by spending the $100M on lawyers, lobbyists, and funding the campaign of Orrin Hatch's next Senate opponent.

David Seubert

Jon Noring wrote:

Interestingly, the Wikipedia folk have been approached by someone
who says they have access to $100 million to possibly purchase the
rights to copyrighted works to release to the Public Domain. Of
course, on Wikipedia-L I've made what I think is a strong case to
approach Sony BMG with an offer. Some sort of offer, plus other perks
and the right architecture of the deal to allow Sony BMG to write off
even more, plus the positive PR that will result, may be what is
needed to free the majority of the pre-1942 material. Universal may
also be approached similarly. Sony BMG + Universal should cover at
least 90% of all the pre-1942 U.S. commercial recordings (just a
wild guess, but we are talking about Victor, Columbia/Okeh, ARC,
Brunswick/Vocalion, and Decca/Gennett. The only other major not in]
this picture is Edison.)

Refer to the archives of wikipedia-l for my messages on this topic.
If anyone here is interested in this, maybe we can make the proposal
even stronger. Let me know in private.

Jon Noring

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