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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

OK, this is as far as I want to wade into this ...

Mr. Loughlin, have you considered taking your complaints to the media, maybe the NY Times or even an audio-oriented publication like Mix or TapeOp? How about your elected representatives? Seems like some or all of this falls under Congressional oversight? How about staff of the Congressional committees charged with overseeing the Park Service?

One thing that might help your case is to lay out a clear chronology of exactly what transpired, where you see the problem cropping up, a clear definition of the problem and what you'd like to see done to fix it. It's clear you are frustrated, but I'm not sure public airing of venom toward federal employees is a good plan to get the problem solved.

Good luck as you move forward. I do agree that Edison cylinders digitized on the public dime should be widely and publicly available to the taxpayers. If there is a copyright "issue", it's a phantom menace and Congress should step in and kill it.

-- Tom Fine

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Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 1:36 AM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

Mr. Kulp, I am sorry you think this is petty stuff. It certainly isn't. On Dec. 6 1877 the history of the world was changed drastically by the invention of the phonograph. What was the world like before this date? How did the phonograph change the politics of America and the face of war? Why was the phonograph outlawed by Islam? The oldest recording of Thomas Edison's voice is a message to Blaine , an 1888 Presidential candidate, where Edison asks Blaine to speak for the phonograph so he can make copies and pass them along to friends, this is the beginning of recorded media campaigning. In 1878 Edison brought the phonograph to President Hayes where they made recordings until the wee hours of the morning. Go to my site and look and listen to "The Burial of the Maine victims" film, played along with Buffalo Bills propaganda on the war. (Yes I know it is a Berliner recording, but he was just a thief of Edison's idea.)

There is nothing petty about what occurred at Menlo Park or The Edison Laboratories in East Orange NJ. This is where the world was transformed into what it is today. This is where modern propoganda and warfare began. It should not be run and access to it should not be regulated by incompetent and corrupt people.

From: Roger and Allison Kulp <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:59:46 -0700

I think you're blowing this out of proprtion.There's
an illegal war going on that has killed 100,000s,with
no end in sight.The Bill of Rights no longer exists in
America,and we're looking at the propbabilty of
another stolen election,and this is the sort of petty
stuff you're worried about ?
                               Roger Kulp

--- Mike Loughlin <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Mr. Brylawski,
>                          If you read my original
> post you will find nothing
> immflamatory in them.  If you read the subsequent
> post you will see they are
> the ones that get personal with me and avoid the
> issue.  It is funny though
> that the Library of Congress had  to procure the
> ENHS recordings of the 1888
> "White Wax" cylinders from me because they  could
> not get them from the ENHS
>   or would you like to tell us why the "Dixon Sound
> Experiment " film, which
> the LOC is in charge of and the Soundtrack cylinder
> which the ENHS is in
> charge of is still not available to be heard
> together on the internet?
>                 I have just read the rules you
> posted and my orignal post
> goes directly to the point of govenment incompetence
> in the distribution of
> public domain and publicly owned sound recordings. I
> am glad to see you are
> now at UCSB, which is doing an outstanding job with
> cylinder recordings,
> which have enabled me to make an amazing website,
> and no longer with the LOC
> which for some reason posts no cylinder recordings.
>          A couple of monts ago I asked Jerry Fabris
> if it would be alright
> if I donated the 160 CDS from ENHS that I have to
> UCSB because their system
> was fantastic and maybe they and ENHS should team up
> to make the ENHS
> recordings available to the world.  He was totally
> against this, even though
> he had no real plan on what to do with the
> recordings besides put them on
> his own biweekly radio show. That is corrupt and
> incompetent. I thought it
> was a good Idea and would be glad glve you the
> recordings if you want them.
> Both replies to my post were insulting and
> irrelevant in their tone and
> content, I did not post this thread to insult or
> flame anyone.  The holding
> back of recordings at the ENHS by the government is
> a serious issue.
> A few days ago Mr. Seubertt asked for commentary for
> publication. That is what I am posting, commentary
> about a vital issue.
> People from ARSCLIST should be involved to fight
> against a status  quo that
> has only one (1) person working on ALL the
> recordings at ENHS. That is a
> travesty.
> I apologize if I offended anyone that did not offend
> me.
> Regards,
> Mike Loughlin
> >From: Sam Brylawski <goodlistening@xxxxxxxxx>
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> List
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> >Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS
> >Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:12:20 -0400
> >
> >Mr. Loughlin,
> >
> >Your messages to the ARSCLIST are intemperate and
> inflammatory. Flaming, in
> >particular, will not be tolerated.
> >
> >The responses I have seen to your message do not
> refute your complaint. No
> >one who wrote was qualified to judge your gripe,
> and they said so. But all
> >of them did say, in so many words, that the
> ARSCLIST is not the venue to
> >pursue your complaint against the Park Service. Nor
> is it ever the venue to
> >exhibit rudeness to responders.
> >
> >No one on the list wishes to deny you the right to
> investigate the
> >disposition of digital recordings held at ENHS, nor
> take any appropriate
> >action directly with the site. Yet, within this
> venue, you have undermined
> >your own case by the tone of your submissions.
> >
> >Excerpts from the ARSCLIST guidelines (found at
> www.arsc-audio.org) are
> >below. Tone it down or you will be thrown off the
> list.
> >
> >Sam Brylawski
> >University of California Santa Barbara
> >President, ARSC
> >
> >From the ARSCLIST guidelines:
> >The Purpose of the List
> >Topics appropriate for discussion may include
> discussion about recorded
> >sound research, history, innovations, preservation,
> archiving, copyrights
> >and access and announcements about ARSC activities
> and publications. Other
> >lists may be more appropriate forums for subjective
> discussions of
> >particular recordings or artists, restoration of
> antique equipment, buying
> >and selling recordings and the collecting of
> ephemera. All messages posted
> >to the list will be archived permanently. By
> posting to this list the
> >subscriber agrees to have his or her message become
> part of the permanent
> >public archive.
> >
> >Flaming and personal attacks are not appropriate
> for this list. Such
> >behavior will result in removal from the list at
> the sole discretion of the
> >list owner. Spamming and commercial advertising are
> also inappropriate and
> >will not be tolerated and can result in removal
> from the list. Personal
> >messages, subscription requests and other business
> should be sent to the
> >appropriate address and not posted to the list.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >On 10/26/06, Mike Loughlin
> <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>
> >>"We would all be well advised...."  Yes sheep you
> must all listen to Mr.
> >>Newton. But can somebody on the ARSCLIST explain
> to me why the entire ENHS
> >>archive is not already available on the internet.
> If Mr. Seubert and the
> >>UCSB can put up such an amazing cylinder site why
> can't the federal
> >>government do a better job with the great treasure
> that is the ENHS
> >>archive?
> >>And if they can't why don't the make their archive
> copies  available as
> >>promised? Beginning tomorrow I will start putting
> the 160 CDs containing
> >>4,000 recordings from the ENHS archives up on
> youTube just to show how
> >>easy
> >>it is.  Shouldn't the world be able to hear the
> over 400 cds of transfers
> >>that are there?   Wouldn't you like to hear a box
> full of 1890's cylinders
> >>at the ENHS labeled "for mixed company only"? This
> is not about  the
> >>princely sum of $5.00 Mr. Newton, which is what
> you offered me for a 1940s
> >>
> >>WOR recording of Superman's intro on red vinyl
> that I later sold for
> >>$300.00.  If YOU dont want to get involved that is
> fine. What concern is
> >>it
> >>of yours what anyone else does?
> >>
> >>Regards
> >>Mike Loughlin
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> >From: Graham Newton <gn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Discussion List
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