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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

There usually being two sides to every story, what does ENHS have to say
for themselves?

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In the fall of 2001 I secured a grant at the request of Jerry Fabris, sound
curator at the Edison National Historic Site in the amount of $30,000.00
from Michael Robertson, then CEO of MP3.com for the purchase of an
Archeophone to record the cylinder collection at the site.  When I got this
grant for Mr. Fabris he said he would make me copies of all the digitized
recordings he has made. I was doing the copying myself at the site, and when
the site closed for renovation Mr. Fabris said he would make me copies of
what he was recording.  It is over two years since the site closed and I
have not received one of the over 300 CDs that have been recorded since the
site closed down.

It is sad that the government cannot keep their word after taking money they
were asking for.

All I want are copies of the Archive CDs Mr. Fabris has made and that he
promised me.  I would appreciate the support of those who know my work in
the past has yielded great material that has been made available to the
world through my efforts.

Please write, phone or e-mail the ENHS and let them know the public wants
this information.

Thank you,
Michael J. Loughlin

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