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Re: [ARSCLIST] MARC Records for Open Reel

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From: "Susan Stinson" <Ststinso@xxxxxxx>
> We once had a program written in-house (in dBase III, so you know how
> far back it was) which we used every time we made master preservation
> reel, to produce a label for the container of that master.  It was
> mostly multiple-choice just so that information was collected accurately
> as well as quickly.  It included original format type, material, speed,
> track or groove, stylus if used, label or manufacturer and number, and
> so on, followed by similar data on the new recording.  I recall there
> was a section for notes if any special information should be retained. 
> If you  want to see how it looked, I can probably find a hard copy of
> the screen layout; on the other hand it seems to me that there must be
> others who have done this, since it is a very important step in audio
> reformatting that is happening in a number of places on the planet.
> Sue
Actually, I created a database using dBASE III+ to catalog all of my
half-vast 78 record archive (only got about 1400 entered, though).
Since I still have working copies of both dBASE V for Windows and
dBASE III+ (and use them to keep track of a few things) I can still
access my c.1989 .dbf files! Currently, I'm using MS Access for my cataloguing.

The problem is always the data entry (especially for me, as I'm
a slow "hunt & peck" typist! What I need is a hardware device
that will play a 78 and then enter all the relevant data thereon...

Steven C. Barr

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