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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recommended CD-R's (and risks associated with their use)

Jim Baldwin wrote:
Gee, so what you're saying is that choice of any media is totally
a crapshoot. Just what I felt from the get-go.

You pays your money and takes your chances goes the old saw.


That may be your reading, but I doubt that it's close to a consensus. There are recognizably bad media on the market, a wide range of reasonably good media, and a few excellent ones. In any category, how one ranks and, indeed, whether it slips into an adjacent class depends on how you write it: what writer and what speed. In short, to know how well you are writing, you must at least occasionally measure it.

For archival puposes, it makes sense to invest in the sort of analysis offered by Media Sciences. For routine applications, checking with a tool on your system makes sense. But running blindly based on brand name and price is gambling and, IMHO, suitable only for recordings you expect to lose - or would not mind losing - in the immediate future.

Because I do not archive in the sense used here, I measure samples from each batch I order, then use them accordingly. My most recent order of T-Y was slightly disappointing so is used for routine work, reserving some excellent regular Mitsui for more critical material.


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