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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recommended CD-R's (and risks associated with their use)

Hi, Jim.

Among archivists (whose main concern is long-term survivability), Mitisui (MAM-A) Gold CDs are generally preferred, if not standard. They're usually used as a back-up to a hard drive system, and best practice dictates to store them something like 50 miles away from the hard drive. I recently bought a ton, and I found that (a) prices vary a lot, so shop around, both among 'archival' supply companies and audio suppliers; and (b) it pays to buy un-boxed, and purchase jewel cases separately (incidentally, full-size jewel cases are also often preferred for long-term storage; stay away from the slim cases, and most sleeves).

And, as people have said, nix on the paper labels if your major concern is longevity.


Christie Peterson
Project Archivist, Muskie Archives & Special Collections
Bates College
70 Campus Avenue
Lewiston, ME 04240-6018
(t) 207-753-6918
(f) 207-755-5911

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