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Re: [ARSCLIST] MARC Records for Open Reel

This could be done in php or perl with an HTML front end and served over an internal network or even made internet-accessible for contract or off-site workers. Actually, use php form to fill a mysql database. Or it can be done with Filemaker, too. And I'm sure access also for an all-Microsoft system.

-- Tom Fine

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We once had a program written in-house (in dBase III, so you know how
far back it was) which we used every time we made master preservation
reel, to produce a label for the container of that master.  It was
mostly multiple-choice just so that information was collected accurately
as well as quickly.  It included original format type, material, speed,
track or groove, stylus if used, label or manufacturer and number, and
so on, followed by similar data on the new recording.  I recall there
was a section for notes if any special information should be retained.
If you  want to see how it looked, I can probably find a hard copy of
the screen layout; on the other hand it seems to me that there must be
others who have done this, since it is a very important step in audio
reformatting that is happening in a number of places on the planet.


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Ganesh.Irelan@xxxxxxxx 10/21/2006 9:13:51 AM >>>
In addition to descriptive cataloging of content, I'd be interested in
knowing how people are documenting the technical aspects of reformatting
analog materials.  Any templates out there?


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