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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mike Gray discographies

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From: "Steven Smolian" <smolians@xxxxxxxxx>
> Got it! Takes a while to download.
> This seems a work-in-progress and some aspects are not clear to me.  Was 
> there a written intoduction to this format?  What computer program is being 
> used?  What are the sources of recording dates, etc.?
Apparently, this project was originally conceived and organized by
CHARM (I forget what this acronym stands for, but it's a UK operation)
and was to some extent "the first baby steps" in the direction of a
more complete 78rpm discography/listing, a la the "Abrams Files."

As I recall, CHARM has a web site (though "charm" would probably
result in a gazillion hits, all but one unrelated) from which
more information could be accessed...

Steven C. Barr

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