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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mostly for laughs

Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

We know that any bend in a conductor will have a certain value of
inductance (which can be calculated)...and that the reactance of
this inductance is frequency-dependent, so a sound-carrying cable
with any bends or curves in it may affect the frequencies as measured
at the output end (vs. the input).

All well and good for a single wire. Unfortunately for the theory, supply a pair and the inductance of the right-hand bend is almost precisely compensated by the inductance of the other wire's left-hand bend.

So run your speaker leads with one wire going from the amp to the left and the other from the amp to the right. It will give you a single room-sized loop that might even come up to a pico-Henry of inductance.

(And no, I do not plan to calculate it.)


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