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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lynx Two Install Question


It sounds like you don't have the drivers installed for the Lynx. The card should have been recognized the first time you booted after installing the card, so try moving the card to another slot.

Rod Stephens

Greg Yates wrote:

I had a Lynx Two-A card installed on my computer on Monday afternoon by
our IT people. Since then, I am no longer able to hear any sounds on my
computer, such as when receiving an e-mail, or when trying to watch a
video off of the web.  And, there is no volume Icon in the lower
right-hand corner. When I go into the Control panel, and look at "Sounds
and Audio Devices", it indicates no audio device is installed.  OS is
Windows XP Professional.  Our IT people are stumped as to what is
causing this issue. Basically, I have no audio on the PC itself at all.
Has anyone else run into this problem when installing a Lynx Two?

I have also contatced Lynx about this issue.


Greg Yates
Coordinator of Legislative Recording
Tennessee State Library & Archives
403 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37243
Greg.Yates@xxxxxxxxxxx or
Fax, 615-532-5315

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