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Re: [ARSCLIST] CSO archive (was Symphonic Digital Programs)

I would be curious to know what years survive...especially how far back.


I talked to Frank briefly today. The earliest commercial recordings are from 1916. The earliest non-commercial recordings are from 1933, with very sporadic recordings made until the radio broadcasts began in 1965. There is a gap from 1968 to 1976, full coverage from '76 to 2001. The recordings stopped in the fall of 2001 and resumed in the spring of 2004.
If you go to http://www.cso.org/main.taf?p=7,3,2,3 you can access the online database (THEODORE) by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. In THEODORE, use the word wheel to choose "Sound recordings" in the Format box. Submit a query and it will bring up a record of audio holdings. The live recordings prior to 1965 are not in the database yet, but there are listings for the broadcast CSO series, the Civic Orchestra, Oral Histories, Lectures and the George Stone Collection of interviews with composers, conductors and musicians.
Frank estimates that about 25% of the broadcast collection is not digitized (all the early tapes are preserved), but the Civic collection is largely untouched, the George Stone collection is untouched, and a large collection of oral histories on cassettes remain unpreserved.
Frank said you are welcome to contact him directly if you want further info. the Archives can be reached at 312-294-3055, or email me off-list and I'll send you his e-mail address.

-Matt Sohn

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