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Re: [ARSCLIST] (Fwd) Stinson Calypso LPs

Superb! Thanks gratefully for this information. Any tentative publication date for the discography?
I certainly will give credit. Compiling the Stinson discography has been possible through the generous contributions of many.
I'm looking forward to the Bear Family Box, please post when it is available.
Thank you!
Best wishes, Thomas.

George Brock-Nannestad wrote:

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

----- see George's added note at the very end

John Cowley´s response:
As you may be aware, I was responsible for the Lord Invader Smithsonian-
Folkways CD. As with my previous missive, all of the following information is drawn from - John Cowley & Richard Noblett, comps, West Indian Recordings 1945-1962: An exploratory discography, unpublished MS, (UK).
I should be grateful for the appropriate credit when you circulate the particulars.

There was a further Disc calypso album (640) featuring four sides by Lord Invader. As far as I am aware, each of the Stinson `Calypso´ LPs drawn from Disc replicate Asch originals.

The two 78s date from 1947:
694	God Made Us All	Disc 5080, 640
695	Cousin Family	Disc 5080, 640, Fw FP 8 (LP), FW 6808 (LP)
696	Pound Your Plantain In The Mortar	Disc 5081, 640
697	Mary Ann.	Disc 5081, 640, Fw FP 8 (LP), FW 6808 (LP)

Another 78 (Disc 5082) drawn from the same session does not appear to have been included in Disc album 640.

The Duke of Iron recordings were made by Moe Asch for Stinson when their partnership was less acrimonious. They were undoubtedly `owned´ by Stinson as Asch never used this material on Disc. Here are the details of the original 78-rpm album
New York City, New York, USA, 31 March and 2 April 1945
885 Carnival unissued
886 Potato unissued
887 Don't Stop De Carnival Stinson 105-3, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
888 The Duke Of Calypso Stinson 105-2, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
889 Pretty Woman Stinson 105-3, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
890 Mickey Cipriani Stinson 105-1, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
891 Rookoobay Stinson 105-1, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
892 Potato Stinson 801, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
893 Wild Indian Stinson 801, SLP 10 (LP)
894 Jam Session Stinson 105-2, SLP 10 (LP), Folksay FLP 10 (LP)
NOTE: six sides were recorded at the session on 31 March (possibly matrices 885-890). The number of sides is not reported for the session on 4 April, which took place between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Stinson 105 is a 78-rpm album entitled Jungle Calypso, also the name for SLP 10 (LP).

Based on catalogue research, the Lord Burgess LP is a Stinson only production recorded and released circa 1954.

John Cowley

Thomas Stern wrote:

Thanks George/John for the information.
12 of the 16 titles in SLP 27 & 28 correspond to Disc 78rpm sets 614 &
Do you know the source of the 4 other titles by Lord Invader? (I see 3 of them in the Smithsonian Folkways cd - are they alternate takes
or the same as the Stinson lp cuts?).
Also, do you know the source for SLP10 Duke of Iron Jungle Calypso, and SLP 62 Lord Burgess???
Best wishes, Thomas.

George again:

----- I have been sniffing around for a bit of information, and I can report the following:

John Cowley is a member of the team of experts working on the forthcoming Bear Family box set of Calypso recordings instigated and produced by Dick
Spottswood and Richard Weize. Entitled "West Indian Rhythm" the project
incorporates virtually all the recordings made by Decca in Trinidad between
1938 and 1940 - 267 performances, including 35 unissued masters (one remains
'lost'). There is a 316-page hard cover LP-size book, with full transcriptions of the lyrics. This features essays with particulars of song
topics, exploration of the relationship of calypso to Carnival, biographies of the performers, contextual discussion of the repertoire (including a full
discography) and over 700 illustrations. Release number is BCD 16623 JM, and
publication is expected by December 2006.

Kind regards,


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